WEEKLY REPORT (MAY 24, 2021 TO JUNE 7, 2021)

4 min readJun 10, 2021

We have had a very exciting week here at Xpool with some main events as following:


  • BD & Marketing team

Hosting AMA with Twinci

Xpool and Twinci had cross- marketing, so we conducted AMAs on both telegrams with the aim of spreading projects to each community. After joining AMA in Twinci group as the guest on May 19th, 2021, we hosted AMA and invited Twinci representative- Miss April (P.R.Manager) to the Xpool group.

During the AMA process, nearly 800 members joined our group and more than 2000 questions were given to Twinci in the Live Q&A segment! That’s very impressive!

After the cross AMA, Xpool and Twinci built a great partnership with each other. We believe that both organizations will continue to develop this cooperation in the marketing aspect and bring more benefits to both communities.

Full recap AMA here:https://xpool.medium.com/ama-recap-xpool-x-twinci-b4b8c39f0946


  • BD & Marketing team

Create a community for Indonesia on telegram

To support non-english community, we created a voting poll in our telegram group that allows Xpool members to vote for the community they want to create first. After 2 days, we found out the country with the highest vote: Indonesia!

We welcome all users from Indonesia to join our community to discuss anything related to the project! https://t.me/xpool_indonesia


  • BD & Marketing team

Xpool is listed on Dapp — a leading one-stop platform providing data analysis, which ranks DAPP based on the user’ credibility. You can add Xpool to your portfolio via: https://dapp.com/app/xpool


  • Dev team

Lock reward management released

We build a nice view for Stakers to manage their locked rewards, which makes a clean, clear and no hidden features! We turn blockchain into web views for any user (not only for super users but anyone).

Now with a user-friendly interface, you can track and manage your lock reward without worrying about your lock balance anymore!

To know how to use this feature, find more:



  • BD & Marketing team

Update the total supply on BSCscan

We have finished working process with BSCscan team and updated our total supply after 3 token burn events: 109,187, 359 $XPO

  • 1st token burn: 50,000,000 $XPO
  • 2nd token burn: 38,612,641 $XPO
  • 3rd token burn: 12,200,000 $XPO

You can check now at: https://bscscan.com/token/0xebb59cebfb63f218db6b5094dc14abf34d56d35d


  • Dev team

NO LOCK POOLS are officially released

We have released 3 new pools for no lock reward with high APY. Now you can enjoy harvesting XPO without locking any part of the reward.

However, it had taken 180 days to open 3 pools, so you have to take the chance to earn more profits.

Read our mechanism for no lock pool here:



  • BD & Marketing team

XPool is listed on Wealthcap — a platform having the largest list of Dex tokens in the world with nearly 40,000+ coins.

For easily tracking, access this:



  • BD & Marketing team

Publish the partnership between Xpool and 7 o’clock

China is an important market in Xpool’s expansion campaign. Partnering with 7o’clock — one of the largest Defi communities in China is Xpool’s first steps to reach this potential market.


  • Dev team

Airdrop reward

Aiming to send thanks to all our users that have believed and accompanied us through the toughest time, on the chance of Xpool mainnet launching, we decided to give a reward to 1000 first addresses depositing to Xpool!

After nearly ⅔ month after launching mainnet, we have scanned all of wallet addresses that deployed their assets to protocol; then the final result (after filter) is 160 addresses. As our promise, those addresses will receive our special present- 50 $XPO!

Now, the time for claiming rewards is over! Hope that you received our lucky presents.


  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with 7 o’clock Community

Conducting AMA with 7 o’clock is our first step to start our plan for marketing in China.

Our Marketing Manager — Mr. Adam joined this AMA and we received enthusiastic attention and high appreciation from Chinese investors in the 7 o’clock group.

As soon as the AMA ended, our Xpool group on wechat welcomed nearly 300 members from China. Many questions about Xpool were raised by users in the group.

Full recap AMA has been published some well-known Chinese media:














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