2 min readApr 5, 2021
  1. 1% of the total supply, which is equivalent to 2,100,000 XPO, will be transferred to a private wallet at the address: 0xcC74042443d8c49576ED5d444768bb41E3A9C0f6 in order to prepare for the airdrop of testnet program and pay fee to partners.
  • Transaction hash: 0x3f258207941cbd39f67860ff03dceb5913913296ea98cb05b14248afff8a822d

2. A portion of this amount will be paid to users selected in the testnet campaign. We will announce the selection method, number of distributed tokens, distribution method as well as lock mechanism for this time based on the situation of IDO and the market situation, with the aim to prevent the amount of airdrop tokens from adversely affecting the current market.

3. A small portion of 20 seeding packages with $100 each of IDO1 price will be transferred to Launchzone team so as to distribute to strategic cooperation partners before, during and after IDO implementation.

4. We are open to the ideas of scanning and filtering data to eliminate cheats and testnet programs spams. Anyone who wants to contribute ideas please send an email to support@xpool.app.

Besides, we will give the reward by XPO token for the one who gives the best solution for us.

We hope that the amount of token airdrop releasing this time will satisfy the thirst for liquidity of the community.

Moreover, Xpool will launch a liquidity pool on LaunchZone with the following ratios:

BSCX / BUSD: 15% of the allocation

BSCX / BNB: 15% of the allocation

XPO / BUSD: 40% of the allocation

XPO / BNB: 30% of the allocation


This pool launching will also increase liquidity and bring more financial tools for the users and farming community.




X-pool is an decentralized protocol — built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy your assets and earn with ease.