WEEKLY REPORT (April 29th, 2021- May 18th, 2021)

As we turn into the first two weeks of May, let’s take a look back on some highlights for the weeks. As our community continues to grow, Xpool’s decentralized lending protocol continues to gauge the interest of partners in the BSC landscape.


  • BD & Marketing team

We hosted the podcast with BSCNews — the official news site of Binance Smart Chain. The podcast took place with the participation of Mr Adam — CMO of the project and Mr. Michael — assumes the role of technical team leader. Valuable information and important strategies that will be carried out in the near future have been shared and discussed in detail in this podcast session.

You can listen our podcast via this link:


  • Dev team

We submitted the Verichain verification report on Token Smart Contract (mainnet), Protocol, Staking, Governance module (Testnet) to the MXC team to review.


  • BD & Marketing team

Xpool ranks 15th of Top Crypto Gainers on Coinmarketcap with 125.28%!

  • Dev team

- The first burning token happened — 50,000,000 $XPO (~23.8% of total supply) has been transferred to the burned wallet.

- We completed the migration from LaunchpoolX to Pancakeswap V2.


04.05. 2021

  • Dev team

We have launched In house wallet named Defii with some key features:

1. Secure login and digital wallet to manage your digital assets: Use FaceID, Touch ID, or conventional passwords to protect your crypto investments

2. Default support Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum and other chain

3. Browse and connect to the decentralized web sites:

4. Easily-customized RPC to your favorite network: Defii wallet also supports multichain. You can easily configure it to connect to other chains.

5. Intuitive interface: Usable, user-friendly application

Application is available on both App store and Google Play

For more information: https://defii.app/

  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with BOSS |Crypto Community

We have successful AMA with BOSS |Crypto Community and reached remarkable results! More than 1000 questions in 1 minutes with a Live Q&A segment is an amazing statistic. Although we had prepared before, we were still impressed by this unbelievable number!

05.05. 2021

  • BD & Marketing team

We are honored to be ranked 2nd Best performance on Binance Smart Chain in the previous 24 hours according to the votes of BSCTimes


AMA with BSCnews

It’s our pleasure to conduct an AMA with the BSCnews community- the huge BSC lovers. This was the special opportunity for Xpool to let the BSC community recognize the brand and have an overview about highlight features as well as the strengthening of XPool protocol.


  • BD & Marketing team

- We are excited to announce that the integration with Trust Wallet is completed. From now, Xpool holders can add XPO token directly on Trust Wallet and use it seamlessly.

For more instruction, please follow this article: https://xpool.medium.com/how-to-access-xpool-on-trust-wallet-e90709eb0b61

- On April 26th, 2021, we officially signed an MOU worth $1M with CoinHe to take a decision step for Xpool development, especially for our inhouse wallet application- Defii.



  • Dev team

The Inhouse Staking Function was launched. The mechanism and how to stake is published for Xpool users. More than $3,000,000 $XPO TVL on #Xpool in the previous 12 hours. These are impressive numbers!




  • BD & Marketing team

Xpool was broadcasted on Defihunters

Review process has been done, Xpool data has been sent to thousands of email subscribers on @DeFi_hunter.


09.05. 2021

  • Dev team

We had finished deploying the backend and started deploying the Xpool frontend, syncing data to feed our frontend the graph module.

The financial team is working on calibrating the platform. This time, more than 38M XPO ~ 42% total supply was burned



  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with @CryptoNesiaReal

Conducting AMA in a group with more than 30,000 members, we attracted a considerable number of Crypto users to Xpool. The growth in followers across all Xpool social channels (especially in Twitter ~ 700 new followers) has proven it!

  • Dev team

We completed the 3rd burning with 12,200,000 $XPO (~48% total supply) on the third burn event!


11.05. 2021

  • BD & Marketing team

We have updated the official smart contract list on the mainnet. Check our document to find more:


AMA with @cryptocclub01

Conducting AMA with Crypto 0.Seven helped us spread XPool to other Crypto users that use non-English language. The enthusiasm and interest from the Aerobic community for the project is a great motivation for us to continue the journey of Xpool development in the future.

  • Dev team

Because of BSC issues, we have difficulty in syncing and verifying recent blocks for the Xpool frontend module. However, with the unremitting efforts of the dev team, we overcame difficulties and successfully solved the problem.

12.05. 2021

  • Dev team

Xpool Mainnet protocol is live, promising to bring users the most convenient and secure platform.



  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with Crypto Wizard Community

We organized an AMA with the group with more than 20,000 members as the chance for us to bring the Xpool brand to be popular in the Crypto community.

After the official announcement on both Twitter of organizations, the amount of Xpool twitter followers increased rapidly! (estimate about 500 followers).


  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with @CryptoTitans1

Accept the invitation from Mr. Hesham- one of the Founders of Crypto Titan’s community, we would like to host AMA with their channel. We were so thrilled when receiving lots of enthusiastic responses from members in the group.

  • Dev team

Working with Verichain team to finish the Verification report on mainnet (protocol, staking, governance)

15.05. 2021

  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with @bl0ckchainspace

Thanks to the successful AMA with Blockchain Space community, Xpool brand has been spreaded to more Crypto users.

In the Live Q&A section, about 1000 questions on Xpool development and planned features were asked. Although preparing carefully in advance, we were still surprised by the amount of queries. We worked hard to provide thorough answers to as many queries as possible.

17.05. 2021

  • BD & Marketing team

Xpool is listed on DappRadar — a ranking platform that tracks over 2,900 dapps across multiple blockchains. It is ranked by specific metrics such as daily users, daily volume and more with plans to expand to others. They filter through dapp data, remove fake and irrelevant activity and provide actionable market intelligence.


18.05. 2021

  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with Twinci

We highly appreciate those questions for us in AMA with Twinci: very impressive! We believe that Xpool and Twinci will have wonderful partnerships in the near future that bring the benefits for both communities.

We will continue to host AMA with Twinci on May 24th, 2021. Don’t miss this chance!

  • Dev team

- Working with Verichain team to implement WAF & DDoS Protected Service (polarisec.io/polarisec.com)

- Working with Verichain to reaudit the whole platform’s smart contracts (~100 smart contracts)

- Upgrade the Staking Smart contract version to support new type of incoming pools (no lock, multi reward token, auto compound, auto optimize)




X-pool is an decentralized protocol — built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy your assets and earn with ease.

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X-pool is an decentralized protocol — built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy your assets and earn with ease.

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