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  • BD & Marketing team

Xpool is pleased to be on the prelist platform of MXC exchange. To be officially traded on the Innovation Zone, Xpool must win the Deposit PK Contest.

To be more specific, this contest was organized by MXC to enable more users to trade the projects they support. The rule is that users would deposit AIOZ, XPO, PSWAP, KYL, DPET or ROSN to MXC during the assessment period (17:00, June 11–17:00, June 14 (UTC+7). The project with deposit persons over 800 users first can be listed on MXC once the technical connection completes.

To encourage users to deposit money into their accounts, Xpool organized an airdrop program. When registering for the MXC exchange and depositing at least 100 XPO, you will receive 100 XPO from the Airdrop Campaign.

This program attracted a large number of users to participate. At the end of the competition, Xpool placed 2nd and would not get listed this time. However we will keep working closely with MXC for future listing opportunities and keep you posted!


  • Dev team

For any decentralized platform, ensuring users’ assets safety is the top priority responsibility of the developer team. We also got the final audit report after several days of collaboration with the Verichain team. This will serve as the foundation for users to place their belief in the protocol’s safety and security.

You can find more at:


  • Dev team

To prepare for the new pools with our partners, we adjusted the emissions per second of current pools!

Besides, To keep users up to date with the latest news, we updated our pitch deck:


  • BD & Marketing team

Xpool is officially listed on #LunarCRUSH — a platform brings transparency to cryptocurrency investing by providing clarity around community activity. Crypto is driven by the community, so measuring the activity on social channels will help us properly evaluate and come up with appropriate marketing plans.

Please access this link to check:


  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with Saigon Trade Coin

With the aim of expanding Xpool to VietNam- one of the highly potential markets for the Cryptocurrency industry, we decided to contact Saigon Trade Coin group owner to discuss this cooperation then we had reached a great agreement.

On the day our AMA started, we got a big attraction from VietNam community: 2.4K questions were given to us in the Live Q&A segment. That’s an impressive number that we have ever seen!

This enthusiasm and interest from the Viet Nam community for the project is a huge motivation for us to continue the journey of Xpool development in the future.


  • BD & Marketing team

Xpool listed on @ONTOWallet

ONTO wallet — The first truly decentralized cross-chain wallet that allows users to manage their digital identities, data and digital assets.

Thus, from now on, Xpool users can access to Xpool Dapp on ONTO wallet easily. This is the first step for Xpool and ONTO wallet cooperation. We will continue to bring benefits to both our communities.


  • BD & Marketing team

Xpool has established a relationship with BSC Army — the first decentralized autonomous organization for social media industries on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and a community-centered initiative that strives to promote the adoption of BSC and blockchain in general.

To celebrate this relationship and aim to expand the network, we held a giveaway contest with a total reward value of $500 for 5 people selected randomly, who follow Xpool’s social media and tag their friends. Congratulations to our lucky users:

  • Dev team

Xpool Liquidation Market

Aim of turning blockchain into web views for any users (not only for super users but anyone), Xpool builds a nice view on our protocol known as Liquidation Market- where all the under collateral loans are listed.

With this clear interface, you can track the under collateral loans and earn liquidation bonus easily!


  • BD & Marketing team

AMA with ONTO wallet

To spread Xpool to the ONTO wallet community, Xpool became a guest of AMA in ONTO group and got a great welcome from users.

We received more than 400 questions from ONTO’s twitter and nearly 2,000 questions in the Live Q&A segment. We are very pleased to receive the great attention of the ONTO community. We are striving to work together to create a deeper cooperation with Ontology.

Upcoming plan

  • BD & Marketing team

We are still seeking and working with partners to implement marketing plans.

  • Dev team

We are working hard on the two new functions called Decentralized Gambling platform and Incentive Module.

Decentralized Gambling: This is a platform where players are owners and owners are players also. We built everything on chain transparency and immutability.

+ No cheater, only mathematical algorithms and strategies (and luck)

+ No scam because game owner are also normal users, everyone can host a vault with their own configurations and started to begin their own game

+ No risk — Of course, your money stays in your wallet, no deposit or KYC.

+ We also introduce a built-in multi level referral system — this is the first multi level referral built completely on-chain in the world.

Incentive Module:

This is an implementation thanks to the extendable system of xpool platform. We will encourage users to deposit, lending, borrowing on our platform to mine XPO staked. So the more they lend, the more they borrow the more XPO they get. This is the trading mining which made Binance successful.




X-pool is an decentralized protocol — built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy your assets and earn with ease.