2 min readMay 3, 2021

For all Xpool farmers, to continue farming XPO, please do the following steps:

Besides, we will launch our in-house Staking module on mainnet on the next two days (5/5/2021). This module supports staking single XPO, XPO/BNB LP v2, XPO/BUSD LP v2 earning XPO (and more tokens when protocol goes live) with high APY. Hold your XPO and LP tokens tight, the first comers always get huge profits.

FAQs: If you have any questions regarding this process, please find the answer below:

1. I can not see my staked LP token on LaunchZone PoolX, where does it go?

=> Don’t worry! It was moved to the v4 url: https://poolxv4.launchzone.org/#/

2. What happens to my earned/locked XPO rewards? How to claim it, when to claim it?

=> The locked XPO will stay in the old pool smart contract for 1 year. After one year you can come back and claim it normally. We will add a nice GUI on Xpool.app to remind and help you claim this seamlessly.

3. Why don’t Xpool keep farming on LaunchZone PoolX?

=> Xpool Mainnet launching is close, we want to migrate part by part to our in-house platform to make sure the whole protocol works smoothly.

4. Do you accept Pancakeswap LP V1?

=> No, migration is a pain. We want to upgrade it all this time to leverage all the good stuff from PCS v2 AMM. Also we rely on PCS AMM v2 as an alternative source to determine the XPO price for collateral value so we need to gather all the LP to the new version. The higher the Pool Value, the harder hacker can attack us. So we encourage all the XPO farmers to migrate their LP to PCS v2.

5. Do I get impermanent loss?

=> Impermanent loss is only realized when you sell tokens that are part of your liquidity pair at a lower price than what you bought them. If you only unstake from the old farms and re-stake to the v2 farms there will be no realization of impermanent loss. We are all victims of Pancakeswap and we need to get over it.

6. Do you have plans to add more pools in the future?

=> Yes. There are some Super high APY pools with auto compounding and auto optimizing are to come. Hold you XPO tight.




X-pool is an decentralized protocol — built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy your assets and earn with ease.