2 min readJun 29, 2021


To participate in the liquidation ecosystem, you do not need to own profound technical knowledge. At Xpool, we let you easily join this market with a clean, clear and user-friendly interface.

Here is the step-by-step introduction for Liquidation market function:

Step 1: Access to our official website at

Step 2: On menu bar, choose Liquidation Market section

Xpool will show you the statistics and information as below:

  • Wallet address of those whose collateral is eligible to liquidate
  • Health factor
  • Total amount of collateral
  • Total amount of borrowing assets
  • Bonus
  • Profit

Step 3: Select one of the debts on the market you have afford to repay, then click Detail, the system will let you see the detail of loan liquidated, including:

  • Borrowed asset
  • Collateral asset
  • Bonus you will receive corresponding to amount of repaying
  • Total receive

Step 4: Input the amount of borrowed assets that you want to repay (maximum amount you can repay is 50%). The system will automatically calculate the liquidation bonus and the total value you receive that is taken from the collateral available.

Step 5: Click Approve to complete the transaction

Step 6: Click Approve on your Metamask to allow Xpool protocol to access your wallet then click Confirm to finish the liquidation process.




X-pool is an decentralized protocol — built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy your assets and earn with ease.