How To Install Defii Wallet On Your Mobile Device

Thanks to the cooperation of CoinHe mobile expert, Defii wallet is now available on both Google Play and App Store. We believe that with Defii wallet, you will be free to store any assets you want and access any Dapps you like.

Below is our step- by- step introduction to install Defii wallet on your mobile!

Step 1: Open your Google Play or App Store on your mobile device and search “Defii”, then download this application to your device.

For more detail:

Step 2: Open the Defii wallet app and enjoy the smoothness of Defii!

You can skip the introduction of wallet by clicking [Next] 3 times.

Step 3: Click [Create a new wallet] to set up a new account

Step 4: Create password for your wallet by inputting new password, confirm password (at least 8 characters), then accept [I understand that Defii wallet cannot recover this password for me]. Next, click [Import]

Note: For devices using the iOS operating system, Defii system will require you to confirm Touch ID to use Defii

Step 5: The system will remind you about the importance of your seed phrase (use it as your private key to recover your wallet). Click [Import] to continue the process.

Step 6: Defii system suggests the way to store the seed phrase and warn you about all of the risks when using this method. Click [Start] to take your seed phrase.

Step 7: This step is very important: You must write down your seed phrase and store it in a safe place. (DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE YOUR SEED PHRASE)

Click [Continue].

Step 8: You need to arrange the words in the correct order of your seed phrase Defii system provided before.


Step 9: Click [Done] to complete the wallet creation process.

Step 10: Read Defii’s notification about user data collection carefully, then click [I agree].

Step 11: Now we’ve already completed creating a new account on Defii wallet.

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