How to add liquidity XPO/BUSD on PancakeSwap V2

May 5, 2021


Step 1: Access the address on pancakeswap

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Step 3: Choose to connect Metamask

Step 4: Choose the account you want to connect, click Next

Step 5: Click Connect to confirm. Now you have connected Metamask to Pancakeswap

Step 6: On the left menu, in Trade section, choose Liquidity

Step 7: Select a currency (e.g:BUSD) then you copy XPO smart contract and paste it in the Search name or paste address box, click Add

Step 8: Next, click the Approve BUSD, then Confirm button on MetaMask

Step 9: Click Supply

Step 10: Click Confirm Supply

Step 11: Confirm on the Metamask wallet. Now you can check your Transaction on BSCScan

Step 12: Go to, you will see your LP number.




X-pool is an decentralized protocol — built on Binance Smart Chain that enables users to borrow assets from the platform, deploy your assets and earn with ease.